What’s Wedding Unveils?

A website celebrating everything there is about your (or someone else’s) special day. From engagement to honeymoon, we take a sneak peak at it all.

What kind of content should I submit to Wedding Unveils?

Anything at all having to do with weddings. Be it the bride-to-be picking her dress, to the engagement party, to the ceremony, to the after party…and even the honeymoon. Send in your stories, photos, or videos and we’ll do the rest.

I’ve submitted, but I don’t see my stuff. What gives?

It takes some time for us to go through all of our content submissions. So be patient, we’ll get to posting

Is Wedding Unveils free to use?

Of course. Two of us are getting married and we need ideas. So consider it a down payment on our lifelong happiness. And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just blame you.

How do you use my personal information when I submit content?

Well we don’t. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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