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Who’s Excited?

6 Comments to Who’s Excited?

  1. Weddings are exhausting! In our eldest daughter’s wedding photos, all of us look as if we’re half asleep, even the pastor!

  2. Lady Anne on March 15th, 2012
  3. that skank looks wasted!!!

  4. loki on March 15th, 2012
  5. She’ll wake up in the morning and not remember getting married.

  6. JD Storm on March 16th, 2012
  7. Whoa bridezilla…not a flattering angle…and you should be entertaining instead of being infatuated with taking AWFUL pictures of yourself. Think of the guests! Dear GOD, WON’T ANYBODY THINK OF THE GUESTS???

  8. Shenanaganizer on March 20th, 2012
  9. Somebody wants to throw down, but it won’t be with boring groom. Now, where’s that best man?

  10. Mike on April 19th, 2012
  11. Who’s anorexic??? …. and about to pass out from lack of food..

  12. colyerso on April 23rd, 2012

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