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The F*ck?


11 Comments to The F*ck?

  1. Well…that’s one way to save money.

  2. KiKi on December 21st, 2012
  3. Looks like something from a 60s or 70s movie.

  4. Jami on December 21st, 2012
  5. Yeah looks pretty old. They also look under age.

  6. Netjnke on December 22nd, 2012
  7. It is a scene from the movie “120 Days Of Sodom”

  8. researcher on December 22nd, 2012
  9. Certainly nobody looks happy!

  10. Lady Anne on December 22nd, 2012
  11. Nobody was happy in that movie, it wasn’t a movie about happyness…

  12. jus on December 24th, 2012
  13. What’s the name of the movie, Jus?

  14. Jami on December 27th, 2012
  15. @jami: Le 120 giornate giornate di Sodoma,known also as “Salò” – 120 days of Sodom. directed by PierPaolo Pasolini. His last movie before been killed and the darkest, distressing and painful movie I’ve ever seen – not for nudity, not for the s**it, not for explicit sex scenes, but for the political vision, forward-looking and visionary.

  16. jus on December 29th, 2012
  17. I bought that novel thinking I was hip and smart, oooh written by the Marquis de Sade. Actually, I got through the first 100 pages, ugh, I can’t ever unread it. I can’t imagine someone would make a movie out of it.

  18. wtf on January 2nd, 2013
  19. the movie took inspiration from the DeSade’s novel, actually,even if it located in the post Mussolini – Salò era.

  20. jus on January 4th, 2013
  21. By any chance was he killed for making this movie?

  22. wtf on January 26th, 2013

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