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Missing: Orange Busch Cans

12 Comments to Missing: Orange Busch Cans

  1. I love the kid’s “man, I look like such an a–hole” expression.

  2. Ugnaught on February 21st, 2012
  3. Is their honeymoon going to be two nights in the penthouse deer blind?

  4. Bird on February 21st, 2012
  5. a family that hunts together, survives together!!

  6. loki on February 21st, 2012
  7. I agree with Ugnaught – the kids looks embarrassed by the whole thing. Glad somebody in the family has good sense, even if it’s not the parents.

  8. Lady Anne on February 21st, 2012
  9. I can’t see anything. HaHa

  10. doug on February 21st, 2012
  11. Billy Bob, Time to get married, now your sister just turned 15..

  12. Joey BadaBing on February 21st, 2012
  13. Sad part is, I graduated from high school with him. And she was a year or two behind. And, they haven’t changed.

  14. Zhivago on February 21st, 2012
  15. White trash is , what white trash does..

  16. winter_rogue on March 4th, 2012
  17. I hope they pin that boys ears back.

  18. Billy Bob on March 28th, 2012
  19. So they’re trash because they are wearing camo? I go hunting and wear camo and I am a nurse, live in the city, own my own home, 2 cars, my son has been on the distinguished honor roll for years, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, have been with my husband for 18 years… What about you winter rogue? Oh, I know, you’re a shit talker.

  20. Josie on April 16th, 2012
  21. WOW!!! is the kid the CAKE??? SCARRY though

  22. D. Riddell on April 18th, 2012
  23. They were part of “My big Redneck Vacation” on CMT. A bunch of their family all went on summer vacation in The Hamptons of NY.

  24. Erma on April 21st, 2012

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