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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

7 Comments to In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

  1. I don’t understand why Star Wars/Star Trek fans or the fans of anything with the word “Star” in the title get married. It’s not like they’re going to have sex or anything.

  2. Fred on November 7th, 2011
  3. That is about as close to a vagina they will ever get.

  4. missy on November 7th, 2011
  5. This would be the neatest wedding to attend. Everyone would have to brush up on their Star Wars costumes.

  6. Grammy on November 7th, 2011
  7. I’m a Star Wars fan and our conventions are full of kids. Apparently somebody’s breeding.

  8. greenfairie on November 8th, 2011
  9. Somebody is breeding, just not the dorks that go to those conventions.

  10. Fred on November 8th, 2011
  11. Believe it or not, SciFi fans do have sex. In fact, I got told by a casting director that SciFi fans and comic book collectors are what’s hip and hot now.

    Anyway, if I ever find a guy desperate enough to marry me I’m going to make him show he’s as stubborn as my father. (Dad had to propose seven times before mom said yes.)

    He will have to, instead of a ring, buy me the complete hard back set of Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators. Then go to Vegas and find a Rabbi who does Sammy Davis Jr impressions and can do the service as Sammy but entirely in Klingon.

  12. Jami on November 10th, 2011
  13. Even after marriage the groom will remain a virgin! And will love in moms basement.

  14. packytacky on November 22nd, 2011

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